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Come join us on melee!

Hey Gamers!

We have an opportunity that was presented to us to get into a new social platform specifically geared for gamers. The company of Imgur contacted us recently and offered us to download and interact with their new app on Android and iOS called “Melee” ( which is described as “Melee is the community-powered companion that fuels your fire for gaming. Discover and talk about the best in gaming, from gameplay highlights to news to humor — all curated by gamers like you.”

The is basically where gamers can have their own personal pages and watch clips and highlights of games and other gamers thus sharing amazing moments. This can be their latest trick shot, their most recent tips or guides, or the dankest gaming meme imaginable. Their answer is to do them all and hope that a tweet gets re-tweeted, or an IG hashtag reaches the gamer they’re looking for. Everything a gamer is looking for is built within Melee. This new platform will be a chance for Sola Fide to carve its own path from the ground up and if we really make it a new place for us to shine we could be in for a great ride together with the App. So let’s start getting everyone in the org and sharing clips, pictures, shoutouts etc!

Step 1: Join the Melee Discord:
Step 2: Download the Melee App & Create Account:
Step 3: Follow @SolaFideGG
Step 4: Post, Share clips, and create an amazing Sola Fide community! do #SolaFide, #ByFaithAlone, #sF and tag @SolaFideGG
Step 5: Give us feedback and talk in Melee discord a lot about feedback and experiences etc!

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